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An example of why I’m already annoyed with Buzz.

February 11, 2010
It started off with a simple, boring, predictable G-chat status update

3:47 pm Anna Frenkel: snowmageddon


4:19 pm Mike M: i open up my email and all I see is anna frenkel buzz… pizdets
8:49 pm Igor Dukhnovskyi: hahaha pizdets
8:53 pm Anna Frenkel: mike you moron – the web is open and everyone can see what you write on buzz
8:54 pm Igor Dukhnovskyi: Anna do you know what does "pizdets" mean? Its to funny
9:43 pm Anna Frenkel: I do know what it means, I also know that I have family members and potential future employers reading this stream 🙂
9:45 pm Igor Dukhnovskyi: potential future employers. This to funny to handle
9:49 pm Anna Frenkel: a) what's so funny? b) who are you?
9:52 pm Igor Dukhnovskyi: a&b Im just a part of open WEB who thinks its too much fun
9:56 pm Anna Frenkel: thankfully, the open web gives us control over who can access our content. let's see what the "block" button is capable of… ah yes, giving me some peace and quiet.

Posted via email from the anna frenkel lifestream

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